Florian Hübler

My name is Florian. I am an experienced simulation consultant. I have got 5 years experience in process simulation modeling, mainly in logistic, rail and aviation. Additionally I am an accomplished trainer for the simulation software AnyLogic.

I currently work as Industry Process Consultant for Dassault Systèmes, where I support customers in improving their design and engineering processes with the help of simulation.

Areas of expertise

  • Process Simulation
  • AnyLogic
  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation
  • Java
  • Mechanical Engineering


  • 2014 - B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
  • 2015 – First Contact with Simulation Modeling in AnyLogic, in a university course
  • 2016 - M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • 2016-2020 – Simulation Consultant for SimPlan
  • 2020-present – Industry Process Consultant for Dassault Systèmes